Name: Rav
Aliases: Mr. EXO, R-AV, Serpent Lord
Birthplace: USSR
Likes: Tea and alone time
Bio: The melancholy rapper and head of exociety. Rav’s emotional rawness sets him apart from the crowd. This is what real life feels like.
Name: Kill Bill: The Rapper
Aliases: Kaiju Billy, JINZO THE TRAP LORD, KB, Coogi Santana
Birthplace: Charleston, SC
Likes: 80’s-90’s Anime, speedrun videos, cold brew with almond milk, grassy fields without light pollution
Bio: Underground rap’s own Kaiju, Kill Bill: The Rapper. Bill’s deep rasp and hard-hitting, emotional lyrics offer many cathartic moments that are easy to relate to. Sitting in the static of his old frequencies, Bill has built his tombstone out of moonstone.
Name: Scuare
Aliases: Shapelord, Soup Daddy, Perfect Cirqle, Scuare: Destroyer of Bears, Jennifer Garner
Birthplace: Ponca City
Likes: Soup and soup accessories
Bio: Truly a shapeshifter, Scuare is rumored to have mastered over a thousand flows, but can he reverse the flow of time?